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7000D Airflow - PSU Cut Out Area


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Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has found a perfectly sized sensor panel to put into the pre cut PSU cutout on the side of this case.

The size of the cuttout is 150mm x 60mm - however I did just see a build guide on here which had images of actual mesurements which was really well done.

I have personally looked into the 5" and 7" Raspberry Pi Screens and they just, don't work nicely.

The 5" inch is too tall and tool short to sit nicely, also needing matching white panels either side to match the case which unless perfect looks off.

The 7" obviously is too large, however you could dremmel out the case further but I'm not really wanting to do that.

Point of topic I am looking for discussion on what other people have thought of etc that doesnt require cutting the case but also not looking crappy.


Hell I'd even wait for Corsair themselves to bring out something that fit in there perfectly considering they made it an odd size *nudge*



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