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I Just bought a EVGA 3080ti FTW Ultra and I am trying to match the RGB as best I can to the CORSAIR ONE BLUE SCHEME so the RGB on my new matches the rest of my system.

Does anyone know the color Code for it? I cannot find it in the iCUE software. 

Sidenote CORSAIR: Since you are not a video card board maker could you please consider partnering with other video card manufactures other than ASUS to get greater compatibility with ICUE. I would have gotten a ASUS but the extra $300 just for RGB I could not justify and I already way overpaid for the card.

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Hi mmarsh,

I'll bring your feedback to the team. As for the RGB matching, I don't have the code on hand but you can try to eyeball it the best you can. However, note that different hardware from different brands may contain different types of LEDs. This means some companies may have LEDs that shine brighter than others or if they have a particular diffuser like the plastic that goes over the LEDs may have a certain tint that affects the actual LEDs' colors.

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