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iCue failed update then appears to have turned off my H100i

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Currently running iCUE v4.14.179 which prompted for update. Update failed then appears to have turned off my H100i cooler, fans kicked, CPU temp went from 32c to 91c, system became erratic and reboot did not correct this, shutdown appears to have. I don't know what the default shutdown temp is in the BIOS but it did not trigger.
Outside of XMP I'm not using OC on an unlocked 

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Ugh...  going to need to contact Corsair for either a forced firmware side load or replacement.  Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do.   The link for Corsair Support is in the top right corner of this page.  You might try a full power cycle once (shutdown, PSU switch off for 15 seconds, then back on), but I will be surprised if that starts it up and it likely would still be inaccessible.  Firmware flops happen, but normally don't take out the pump.  Instead it defaults to maximum on all settings.  

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it doesn't sound like the pump or the fans are doing much more than a nature walk at this point. what would be a good method of determining if the unit is compromised or under normal operations. when it went full throttle again after reboot, shutdown and it sounded more or less normal. I've rebooted a few times since them, put the system to sleep, so far nothing has made it rev up outside of some heavy lifting in Blender.

These my temps in F and C respectively 




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If the pump is not working, you have 15-20 seconds before the entire PC shuts down in accordance with MB CPU max temp protocols.  You'll be able to see the CPU temp skipping upwards 50..55..60... 85...90,,, or at least the first time.  Each attempt after that is going to fail because the coolant is already at maximum levels and the shutdown triggers as soon as power is applied to the CPU.  This is different than the cooler is no longer accessible or visible in the software, but you can still continue to use the PC.  Both require attention from Corsair support, but if it's the later case you should still be able to use the PC while this is being resolved -- maybe also moving the fans to the MB for control to cut the noise.  If the pump is dead and not moving, you should not try to turn on the machine at all.  If you can run blender, you pump is running.  

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