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Lighting Node Pro Fans not Synching

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I have three LL Series 120mm fans as well as two ML Series 120mm fans in my setup. I use a lighting node pro that is using both channels connected to two separate RGB fan hubs. One of the channels is for my LL series and the other for the ML series. Constantly on bootup whether I am using static lighting or some other effect, two of the LL fans do not synch correctly with the rest of the system. The de-synchronization varies where sometimes the fan will be half synched while the other half is static or a different color completely or the fan itself does not even illuminate. I have tried to repair the iCue software and force update the lighting node and although that may fix the problem initially it never is truly fixed the next time I boot up. I'm wondering if now it could be a hardware issue with the fans at this point as I believe I have tried everything. 

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Let me guess ... one fan is on port 2 and the one is on port 3. The fully working fan is on port 1.

If I'm right ... your next step would be to swap fans 2 and 3. What I'd expect to see happen is that the now on port 2 still works and the fan now on port 3 is wonky.

And ... if that's the case, it confirms that one of your fans is bad. If you are still within warranty, go ahead and create a ticket and have it replaced.

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