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Want a replacement


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Ram of issue,


CMX 512-3200C2PT

XMS 3202 v5.1



First off I know you will not guarantee an OC of ram.


Bios settings at default except for ram at 2.9v,httx4,vid at 4.2v,cpu throttling disabled,q+c disabled and pci payload at 256.Timings at spd 3-3-3-8


Ram was memtested singlely and dual and showed no errors.

This ram has been tested with two cpus,a winnie and venice cores.The results for both were exactly the same for all tests I ran.


The ram will run at 200-205x11@1:1.It will not run at 200x10@1:1.

Before I go any farther,when I say it won't run I mean crashes or I get a BSOD when any app. is opened.Sometimes a failure to boot into OS.

The ram will not run with any divider.At 200 or under.


At this point I started tweaking the bios.With what I know and what I garnered from different forums provided no changes from earlier results.


So I tried one last thing and dropped dram to 2.7v.At that voltage it's not even stable at 200x11@1:1.Did not memtest at that voltage because I saw no need.


So I pulled those sticks and plugged in a pair of your value ram that I had in another comp.The difference was like night and day.225x11@1:1

255x11@9:10 all totally stable.Borrowed a pair of ram from a friend and they went 238x11@1:1.

The only reason I'm giving you these numbers is to show you there is not a problem in my setup,cpu,mobo,psu,etc.


As you know I,m not the only one who has issues with this specific ram(ProMos chips).Google can be your friend.


Thanks for reading my ramblings.I,m looking forward to your reply.



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Let try replacing your modules.

Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!




I would like to know if I can request a pair of sticks that do not contain ProMos chips?Anything else would be acceptable.


P.S. Sorry I didn't include comp specs but I guess it didn't matter.

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