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iCUE Nexus fan speed control makes all fans stop?

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Hi all, I use my nexus to cycle the fan speeds through the Commander pro screens and the fans for my AIO on the AIO screen, however since the latest icue update when I cycle my fans from my aio screen from, say, 'Profile' to Quiet, Balanced or Extreme, it applies to both my commander pros too causing all those fans to change also, now this wouldn't bother me as much however when I set Extreme on my AIO screen, the fans on my commander pro go to Extreme but they all drop to 0 RPM, and it also occurs vise versa if I do it on my Commander Pro screens, it causes the AIO fans to drop to 0 RPM despite saying Extreme. Has anyone else had this issue too lately?

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Bump, I still have not found a fix for this. Anyone else had this problem? Thanks!

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From my understanding you would have to create multiple profiles in ICUE that you can then toggle via the Nexus. Could you maybe describe the problem a bit more specific, or attach some screenshots from ICUE.

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