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64gb dominator rgb ram temperatures


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it's pretty hot but shouldn't cause issues yet..

remember the RGB can heat up the sticks, quite a bit (white color being the worst), and since you use 4 sticks, there's not much cooling for the middle ones.

If your GPU blows air upwards towards them (like some RTX30*0) , then that makes sense, but watch the lighting colors and brightness you chose.

when i used 4 sticks (corsair vengeance) setting them to white increased temperature by 30° in average

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I think that is largely environmental. I have a quad stack of Dominators and just finished a marathon of heavy RAM testing. Even at 1.45v I peak out at 50C in the middle sticks after hours and hours. Something lighter like gaming doesn’t go much past 40C, but my system is full water and set up as exhaust. If you have a gpu shooting heat into the stack or run your water cooling as intake, you will see higher temps as the case temp goes up. 

You can do a quick sanity check by running a RAM loading test like OCCT, AIDA, select Prime runs, whatever. Without the additional factors it should run 40-50C after 15-20 min. 

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