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K7N2 Delta-L Memory Error


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I just recently purchased the Twinx1024-3200C2 memory kit for my system. Shortly after installing them my system began to lockup and reboot. I have run the memtest and it is failing on test #5 (2000+ errors). I have tested the dimms one at a time and they past the memtest just fine but together they fail. Looking through some of the post here I set my Bios per Ram Guys suggestions in another post. Here's what I have:


K7N2 Delta-L

AMD XP 3200+

CPU Freq 200

Dim Volt 2.7 Volts



Bios has been updated to latest rev.


I also have a Twinx512 CL2 kit that runs fine in the same system. Any help would be appreceated.

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Sorry it took me a few days to try what you suggested. Here's the problem:


My Dimm Volt does not go above 2.7 and my CPU VCore is set to H/W. I don't have a clue what I should set it to. What else should I try?

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You should be able to set the CPU Vcore, I would talk to the MB maker ask them to help you with the settings. But if both modules pass one up and fail in DC that would suggest a problem with the memory controller and I woudl try testing the memory in another system if you still have doubts.
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I found the CPU VCore Setting but when i set it to 1.65 the memory still fails if I set it to 1.67 the system will crash hard. Also I found this on the MSI website


nForce2 does NOT supports x4 memory device. 1GB can be made by other density of dram chip such as x 8, x16


Is your memory 4x?



Thanks for helping a newb :biggrin:

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