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Corsair One i7 7700K HDMI problem

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Hi, I'm experiencing severe graphical glitches and limited bandwidth when I connect my computer to the Samung ru8002 through the back HDMI port. Some games (like Hitman 2 for example), exhibit a weird crop and zoom along with the glitches, and sometimes even non 3d environments would stick to 640x480 resolution and won't let me change. The bandwidth problem shows through the refresh rate, I tried several HDMI cables labeled "high speed", but the max refresh rate Windows would apply was 30Hz. If I pop open the large exhaust fan at the top of the case and plug in HDMI cable directly into the GTX 1080 I'm not getting refresh rate limitations even at 3840 x 2160 (Windows lets me set 60Hz), and games work without graphical glitches. The other thing that's creating problems is the audio crackling over HDMI. I tried using different TV sets, different monitors with internal speakers and a couple of different HDMI cables. Sometimes the crackling is constant in its presence that audio disappears completely until I restart the app that produces main playback or even the computer itself. Often the video gets out of sync when there is audio crackling. Using the computer without the top fan is not a permanent solution because the temperatures are too high this way. It seems to me that little box that merges 3 DisplayPort ports and HDMI and routes them to the back of the system is causing problems. How do I fix these two issues?

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Things I tried to remedy the crackling issue: Set CPU minimum state to 100%; resolve two devices using the same IRQ channel; setting IRQ from line based to message-signaled mode for 2 High definition audio controllers and for the GTX 1080. Highest DPC routine execution reported by LatencyMon is an Nvidia related file and it ranges from 2ms to 9ms.

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