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Battery always critically low Corsair Virtuoso RGB

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It's been two weeks now that my headset began to behave oddly. 
Charging regularly when I'm not using the headset (roughly through the night), and let it rest on a USB port for charging. 
The headset works well and I'm satisfied with the experience I have with it. 

The problem: Even if I let it charge overnight or throughout the day the battery level indicated by my headset is always critically low. I found out that it does not relate to the actual charge of the headset as I can use it for more than 10 hours without even charging it once. 
The headset in this state is usable but the battery low notification is bothering me as the battery-low warning are really annoying when they are repeated every minute.

What I've tried : 

ICUE 3.X and 4.X
Reinstalling ICUE 
Repairing ICUE
Firmware update 
Dongle update 
Software update 

Soft resetting the headset (Holding the mic button for 15+ seconds) 
  - This is quite helpful as this suppresses the battery low warnings that are annoying when they are repeated every minute or so. 

I've come across a thread on the Corsair forum : 

Describing the problem, tho OP manages to solve this issue by updating the BIOS. 

Even if I was skeptical about it but I've done it any since I needed a good update on this 2-year-old BIOS. This did not solve my issue. 

A ticket with the support was oppened too but if i have any solution to this problem i'll make sure to update this post.


Corsair Virtuoso RBB (non SE). 


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  • Corsair Employees

I went ahead and had support check into this for you. You should have a response soon.

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