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K100 lighting bricked out of box

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I drove 1 hour, each way to pick up a new K100 after my K70 died. I unboxed it, plugged it in and ICue asks to update the firmware. Wanting to be sure that did everything correct I did so and..... Lighting dead. Tried soft reset at least a dozen times. Tried a hard reset (Pinhole under keyboard) several times to no avail. Still bricked.


So either I drive 2 mores hours and exchange it, wait a week for Corsair's sad excuse for Support to respond to my ticket or ask you good folks here. I had more faith in you guys since Corsair seems only interested in selling stuff rather than actually supporting it.


Thanks in advance for any help provided. Cheers.

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So an update for anyone facing the same issue. 


Uninstalling and reinstalling ICue 4 did nothing. As a last resort before driving back to the store, I uninstalled ICue 4 and installed the latest version of iCue 3. Bang. Lit keyboard. I uninstalled ICue 3 and reinstalled ICue 4.... again.... and that did the trick. 


I guess paying top dollar for Corsair gear also signs you up to be an unpaid Beta tester for buggy/unfinished software... 

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