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Problem with K100

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Hello i just bought this keyboard, hjave no issue with it, just a few comments, i dont know is the high profile from they additional keys, but well i switch it to it, i play warzone so i put the wasd keys, but for  reasons unknow the s and the d key keep getting loose.... i switch it for the other W and F solve the problem, (i try the other D, and Q,E fail) i dont even care since i dont look the keyboard to type... but i mean is a expensive keyboard so.... my other issue is the damn sofware iCue for some reason all worked fine firsts times, but since i enabled the opx 8000 hz., everytime i log in the keyboard lighten frozen in red, and i have to close and open again so that way the program works, before this all my products were razer, the software was a pain like this first version, dont good impression about the software, just because the keyboard is so nice i keep it, if u could tell me what can i do to fix it i apreciate it.

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