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HX1000i v AX1600i in games and keeping it cool


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I have lots of gaming in on my old HX1000i and it averages maybe 88% to 89% at idle. The AX1600i is eye opening at idle at 92% to 93% which is a material improvement.

I grabbed the AX1600i with the goal of having the best PSU in my rig. The AX1600i is slightly longer than the HX1000i but my 750D box is very spacious.

The improved efficiency should mitigate warm weather to some extent. Not sure how good the air flow is through my H115i with a pair of fans pushing air into the radiator and out of the top.

My RTX 2080 is 215W standard and 240W tubo so even my RM650 can handle it. Always nice to have a spare PSU or 3.

The AX1600i means even duall RTX 3090 cards are not a worry but prices are out of line at the moment,

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I have a Crystal 680 case housing my AX1600i, and I too have a RTX 2080. My CPU and GPU are both watercooled in a custom loop with 8 140mm fans. I don't think the fan on the AX1600i has ever turned on, eventhough it's in its own seperate chamber with no extra no fans but its own. Awesome PSU.

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