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Parts Location Test Corsair 1000D


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Just thought i would place a few parts in case to see how they looked.

350mm Linkup pcie 4.0 extreme riser cable arrived, Still have to fit Asus 10gb fibre pci card in so i got the 300mm one with a bit more head room. Will also get some 5mm black pads just to sit under the riser pcb plate on the power supply shroud.

Pity the stand offs are in the wrong place , could have done with holes like the pump top plate on the h/drive caddy.

Rads should be here today from Alphacool if UPS decide not to change delivery again, then goes the stress part of wiring the fans ..oh joy.

What do you guys think of location of res/riser cable length or any other valuable info/advice.

Just on ebay now to get a corsair rgb  extender cable for the XG7 gpu block as its way to short, will prob have to get some for the LL fans but will see when fastened to the rads how many i need.





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since the Kinetic FLT has ports on the underside, you could fit it to one of the front radiators and have your tubing go from under to the GPU. That would have the added benefit to allow you to slide the reservoir almost flat against the side glass and clear it from the fans airflow.

Also you could connect the bottom reservoir inlet to the front rad directly, if you planned to have the fittings on the bottom, on the radiators (easier to drain).

Inlet is at the right, outlet to the left, so that's perfect.

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Thank you for your idea, do you  mean like the pic below, but slid on the loop bracket closer to the right, towards the glass.

I would loose the fans on the right rad inside though ,is that right, or am i looking at it wrong LeDoyen. 


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You can mount it over the fans, using the long screws provided with the radiator.

At worst, Alphacool uses M3 screws, so you can still use your own screws cut to size.

I did it once on an alphacool rad with the default ones.

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Will have a play to see how it sits, am i right  with the pick LeDoyen.

UPS  strikes again,, no rad delivery today now  5pm.


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Here's an example on my O11 XL.

the reservoir is like 2mm clear from the front glass, with connexions from the bottom obviously, since the front connexions are not available


That layout leaves the fans almost totally unobstructed, and incidentally, helps cool the DDC pump (air cooled, not like the D5, i don't know what version you have).

You can also see what the FLT looks like with a DDC 😛 in case you didn't know, you can use both pump types on the reservoir without any modification, if ever you need in the future.

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Ah i see.

Mine is the D5 version 

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