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Can I connect my Corsair Commander Pro to an internal USB Hub expansion port by NZXT?

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Hello Corsair Community, 


My Motherboard only has one USB 2,0 header and want to know if it is safe to plug in the commander pro to an NZXT Internal usb hub expansion port? My AIO and PSU cannot be detected by ICUE 4. Reference my first forum. I want to plugin my commander pro to port 1 and AIO and PSU to ports 2 and 3 respectively. Will I run the chance of burning or blowing something out?  I have provided a short picture diagram.

NZXT HUB Connection.pdf

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Absolutely and a large percentage of users are doing so.  The "1 USB 2.0 port" is pretty common these days and AMD MB owners also often need the boost in power.  

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