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Not sure if this has been covered or not, but if anyone is having issues with Stream Deck software not seeing iCUE, in my case trying to get my K55 working. On version 4, you have to go into Settings, then into Software and Games and Enable Software Integrations for it to see it. 

I have NO clue why this isn't covered in the stream deck software, it simply continues to tell you to download and make sure the iCUE software is running. Might be helpful to simply add the tip of telling people to make sure that this one little feature is enabled.

Apart from that it runs great now, I'm still not a fan of iCUE 4, but since 3 refuses to pick up the K55, and NO ONE can seem to fix the issues, I guess I am stuck with it.

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We do have a Support article covering this on the iCUE side of things. If you have feedback in regards to the wording on the StreamDeck software we would recommend that you contact the Elgato support directly.

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