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Suggestion for Hardware Lighting (Let us turn off DPI light here).


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Hello, after getting a new Sabre, I am very glad to see that Corsair has improved its options with lighting. I am someone that rarely has any Corsair processes running. I simply don't want excess apps running if they don't need to be on.

With my previous mouse, all settings would default to ridiculous colors, and the workaround was to simply kill the Corsair process, disable everything but iCUE in services, and it would keep my custom dark lighting. But ONLY when exiting iCUE through killing the process.

With the new Sabre, you have DPI lighting on the three vertical stripes that cannot be shut off through hardware lighting options for when iCUE is off. It's the ONLY light that remains on, and yes it is super annoying.

The previous workaround of exiting iCUE through killing the process still preserves my old settings, and that is the only way I can have iCUE off and the DPI light not bugging the heck out of me. You DO HAVE options to shut off the DPI lights, but for some odd reason it's only available in the actual DPI zone options, which do NOT carry over to hardware lighting when iCUE is off.

In the future, please migrate this setting to hardware lighting options when iCUE is off. This makes it so we don't need ANY software running to have a completely dark mouse. Thanks for your time.

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