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Using 3 Commander Pros


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Im in need for some advice here.

I have a computer with 2 running commander pros (both conected to the motherboard via USB)

One have 3 QLs / Second have 4 LLs

I have a mining rig and i bought a third commander pro to control the fans of the rig trough my pc and i conected the THIRD commander pro to one of the

other 2 commander pros via USB but its not showing in Icue and im unable to control the fans speeds (ALL fans are running)


Any advice is welcome



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The USB ports on the Commander Pro are famous for not working reliably or not working at all. Get and internal USB2.0 hub (NZXT or Aquacomputer Hubby7 are recommended) and plug all 3 Commander Pros into the hub. Plug the hub into a Mobo USB port. All 3 Commander Pro's will show up. If you want to avoid endless USB headaches, DO NOT use the USB ports on the Commander Pros.

Corsair likes to blame this problem on AMD but I have Commander Pros in an Intel X99 rig and an Intel Z370 rig. On both rigs, If I plug the USB from a Lighting Node Pro into a Commander Pro USB port, it constantly disconnects and reconnects, if it connects at all. I put in an NZXT internal hub - all USB problems stop.

You may want to look at this thread.


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