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How to change Front Fan RBG


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Hello all,


bit of a noob question, but once upon a time I changed my front fan color to a solid teal color, and since then I havent been able to get it back to rainbow or any other color.  I've tried all the different settings through Icue, can someone just point me politely in the right direction? 😉


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It will depend on the exact device you are using as the lighting controller (Lighting Node Pro, Commander Pro, Lighting Node Core, etc), but find that device on the CUE main page, the select Lighting Channel 1/2 or just lighting on some Core devices.  There will be a Lighting Layers box in the bottom left.  If you select the current lighting effect, you can choose another preset and it should instantly change.  You also can add additional effects with the + and toggle effects on/off by clicking on them.  


If you are still on CUE 3, the names will be slightly different, but everything is still in the same place and the mechanics are the same.  

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