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Wired up properly? iCUE, ComPro, RGB Hub


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Hi all

I have a Mobo with just a single USB 2.0 Header and my CPU cooler works fine when attached to this. IE shows up in iCue and is configurable.
It's the H100i RGB Platinum with 2 x 240mm fans

Recently I purchased an SP 120 RGB Pro fan (single pack) not realising that I might need additional Corsair products to get this all speaking. My own stupid fault admittedly.

To try move things along, I subsequently purchased both an RGB Hub and a Corsair Commander Pro.

My issue is that

  1. the Corsair Commander Pro now occupies the internal USB header the CPU cooler had used
  2. When I plug the CPU cooler into the Commander Pro, it does have power (lights on, fans spinning) but is not recognised by iCue.
  3. My SP120 just shows a blue light and although it's spinning, doesn't seem setup properly either

Can someone please have a look at my wiring schematic and check that I at least am starting out proper at least,

Many thanks. Appreciate your time.


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This typically doesn't work on newer AMD boards.  The Commander Pro is a passive USB port and you put 3 devices on one line.  The problem is the MB is a bit light on voltage on the USB port.  Most AMD owners run into this and Commander Pros and Platinum coolers seem to be the most susceptible, presumably because they use more power on that line.  You need a powered USB 2.0 HUB and probably did from the start with only 1 MB port available.  These are inexpensive and typically cost around $20 (USD).  The key is it has its own SATA power cable from the PSU, providing power to multiple ports.  It would connect to the MB directly, then all other devices to it.  

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Hi @c-attack

Thanks for such a clear response. Makes sense to me and fortunately, I do have a spare internal NZXT USB hub here.

I got everything working as you suggested by doing:

  • Mobo USB -> into -> NZXT Hub Mobo input (which is powered by SATA Molex)
  • All internal USB cables -> into -> NZXT Hub 

The only thing I'm thinking now is that the single SP120 fan seems to require quite an amount of hardware to power and light it. A single fan is connected to 

  1. RGB Hub which has a SATA connector and 2 wires
  2. Commander Pro which has a SATA connector and various wires

Are there any RGB fans from Corsair which require less wires, setup and additional hubs and controllers?

Thanks 👍




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44 minutes ago, eladnova said:

I do have a spare internal NZXT USB hub here.

Great.  That is the most popular choice by far and that should be the end of the issues with device detection.


As for the wiring difficulties, there usually is not a dramatically better arrangement and one single RGB fan is always going to feel inefficient because of the required hardware.  You always must have a RGB Lighting Controller (Commander Pro for you) and then a 5v power device to handle the current demands from the fans/strips themselves (RGB Lighting Hub).  The Pro series devices (Commander Pro and Lighting Node Pro) do this as two separate pieces (controller + power delivery).  Later on Corsair introduced the "Core" devices (Commander Core and Lighting Node Core).  These combine that RGB controller and power into one smaller box, but there is no free lunch.  Same stuff in smaller package means only 1 RGB channel and it can only do fans.  Pro devices can do strips, Hydro X, and unofficially 3rd party devices.  


So for your one SP Pro fan, a one box Lighting Node Core would be smaller than a Commander.  The problem is you then lose the fan speed control from the Commander Pro.  Theoretically a Commander Core would do both for you, but it only comes with the Elite AIO series or as a standalone part.  It would a definite cost to acquire in exchange for eliminating the little RGB hub the size of your thumb.  Unless you are bursting out the back, that does not seem like a good trade.  **Now that I see you have a SP-PRO with a DC 3 pin motor, the Commander Core is out too.  That is a PWM only fan controller.  

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