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Just got the Corsair HS70 Bluetooth


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Hi Guys,

New here so please be gentle with me. As my title says I just got the HS70 Bluetooth headset. And got a couple of questions I need asking here as the manual is abit basic etc. OK Here goes.

1. How do you turn the headset on/off? I thought by pressing the power button on the right side I would get some form of single that I'm either powered ON or powered OFF. The only signal I get is if I hold down this button for 5 secs I get the Bluetooth signal for pairing along with the BLUE/RED led flashing. Is this the only signal I get by holding down the button and not just a short press?

2. I have read that there is an option in the iCUE software for turn off the "Headset Auto Shutdown" has this now been removed from iCUE? as I have not come across it. when I click on the headphone icon. I'm running the latest software on Laptop and Headset


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