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I only have one LL140... what RGB controllers do I need?


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Hey there,
I recently built a new machine (been in the PC space for about 8 years, but never built my own machine) and in that order I bought a single LL140 because, primarly, it was on sale, but also because of its RGB. 
I didn't do any research, and assumed I'd be able to use an RGB header on my MB. I was wrong. Fair enough, but I was wondering if I need to buy both the Commander Pro and the controller for one fan, or if just the Commander Pro is sufficent for one fan?
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you need the commander pro only if you want to also control its speed with iCUE. otherwise you only need a RGB controller.

A commander Core would be enough and create less clutter than a lighting node pro + RGB hub.


you can simply connect the fan to the motherboard ARGB with this https://www.ebay.com/itm/373573060769 and control the RGB with the motherboard RGB software (it won't work with iCUE).

But if you later on add more corsair fans, then you can invest in a controller too and get iCUE RGB control.. 

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