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Corsair One Elite GPU fan too fast

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I've had my Corsair One Elite for 3 years now and it used to be dead quiet (unless playing a demanding game) but now the GPU fan is stuck at a minimum of 2500 rpm and it's quite loud, even when idling and I feel like it used to be slower than that at idle. Any help would be extremely appreciated! I want my silent corsair one back!

Here is a screenshot of Corsair Link showing the fan speed despite cool temperatures.


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1 hour ago, Corsair Caliente said:

Hey mkriese,

Can you go ahead and try uninstalling and reinstalling Corsair Link?

I went ahead and uninstalled and reinstalled Corsair Link and the only thing that changed was my LED case lights turned back on (I had them turned off). I also did a CMOS reset and the fan is still at ~2500 at all times.

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