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Corsair XMS and DFI Nf4 Ultra-D


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Guys over at DFI-street recommended I ask here for help.

Running 2 sticks of Corsair DDR XMS3200C2PT in the orange slots on the board.

Flashed to the latest 5/10 Bios.

Latest flash has finally allowed me to get the board up and running with some stability.

Each individual stick in slot 2 passes memtest 3 times. Prime95 runs for about 5 hours no problems.


If I use both sticks (slots 2+4) I get errors in memtest after the 2nd run through, and Prime95 eventually (after 3 hours) bombs the machine out.

(CPU temp =32 chipset=41 case=38)


All settings are currently at default in the bios. Can anyone give me any ideas about what settings I need to be using.

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I would try the modules in slots 1-3 and see if you get the same results.


Burnt a DVD last night and blue screened my machine. Switched to slots 1-3 with the same result.

Error message is still pointing at memory issues.

Wondering if I should just RMA the memory it seems to be causing all the instability issues.

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