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Corsair 1000D EKWB 3090 Threadripper QL Fan Help!


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I have a new build going into 1000D and I would like help hooking up 18 fans with a plan and possible routing advice. I have:

  • Two very thick EKWB quad radiators
  • 16x QL fans in Push/Pull configuration on the top
  • 2x QL fans on the back
  • 2x Phanteks RGB Strips
  • 2x Commander Pro's
  • A bunch of those lighting node cores
  • 4x fan power splitters if I need them
  • Some fan power extension cables

You'll see in the pics I have the wires "cable managed" to come out the back of the rads and case. It leaves a lot of cables very short.

Here's a couple pics! BTW if ya'all are interested I can post some build pics. I sort of went overkill with components.

Thank you!





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Hi Buddy.  Looking good so far.


3 x Lightning node cores would be the way forward for RGB unless you can get hold of any RGB Fan LED Hubs, if you can source those then we can bring you down to one commander pro and power fans in groups of 4 by using powered PWM Hubs.. this would leave PWM headers on said commander pro for your Pump..


heres how i did mine.. 32 Fans on one Commander Pro


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Awesome. Thank you! I have all the lighting node cores as I bought the QL's in 3 packs which came with them. The distro plate has 2 EKWB D5 pumps. I see you have 2 as well. So I'll hook these up the same way.

I just discovered the green wire on my front HD audio cable is snapped 😥 so now I need to figure that out. Can’t have a new build with a broken port, no matter what that port is.

Thank you so much for your help here!

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