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ICUE 4 Macro Issues

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So a bit of a strange one, have used a macro assigned to numpad 4 in ICUE 3 for quite a while and thought i would try ICUE 4, downloaded the newer version, created the same macro i use in ICUE3 , assigned it to numpad 4 as previously but it doesn't seem to work.

Deleted ICUE4, reinstalled ICUE3 and the macro and key combo works fine. Redownloaded ICUE4, tried again and Macro didn't work again so reverted back to ICUE3 for now

Any Suggestions?

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Macro functionality got a boost in cue 4 and things that were not possible in CUE 3 can be done. It would be extremely unusual for something to work in 3, but not 4. We need to see the CUE 4 screen or be given some idea of what you’re try to program so we can try it on our end. 

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