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Total power draw for loop?


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Ok so I am trying to figure out roughly what kind of draw my accessories are gonna have so I can take it into account when choosing a psu. My list is as follows

4 SP140 Elite 140 mm fans

10 SP Elite 120mm fans

3 commander Pro

2 Lighting Node Pro

2 Lighting Node Core

8 corsair rgb strips

1 xc 7 water block

2 XD5 pump/res combos

I think thats it for Corsair Products, I had to go a different route for my GPU water block as Corsair didnt make one. So based on that list what kind of wattage would I have to account for in a worst case scenario over top of what my standard computer parts are gonna use.

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Well, the way to figure out total power draw is to determine the amperage of each component, while also noting each components voltage.  Multiply amperage of each component by it's voltage to derive the wattage for each component.  Add the wattage totals together to find the power needed.


The fans listed are .30 amps at 12volts.

The XD5 pump/res combos are each 30watts at 12volts (it does not list amps, but just calculate 30/12 to find it).

The cores probably don't pull enough power to matter.

I do not know what the amperage of the RGB LED strips are.

While you are at it, add in the total max wattage of your CPU and GPU (again via amps x volts).  Take into account any storage.   Spinning hard drives use quite a bit of power.

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remember the PSU rating is always given just for the 12V rail(s).

If you get a 850W, it's 850W on 12V.

You'll still have on top of that the usual 25A at 5V (125W).

So you don't really "need" to calculate anything, unless you're working with a massive case with 20 or 30 QL fans that will slam the 5V rail.

as for the 12V power draw, fans will never reach their max rating unless you run them at full speed and block them all at once. The pump will be the only real power draw since it's constantly under load, but even then.. only at max speed will you see something close to 30W 🙂

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Thanks guys, from what I can tell my RM850X seems sufficient for my 6800 and 5800x and all my cooling, appreciate it

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