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EK Cryofuel Mystic fog

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Hi .

I was planning on putting Ek's Mystic Fog coolant into my loop (bought 3ltrs) but froze in horror over the weekend when i saw some You tube vids slating Ek's mystic fog for breaking down in there loop after a few months.

I do not know what to in this instance ,as i have always put clear coolant in my loops and never had any issues ,namely Ek's Cryofuel clear.

With my new Corsair 1000D build i thought sod it, its about time i used some colour, surly they must have sorted all the issues of coolant stain/breakdown in loops, they have had years to sort this.

Then i noticed my sons Corsair build i did a year ago (pic below), the Ek Cryofuel clear was breaking down in his loop, i was shocked as my previous 900d build used the same coolant and was fine on my yearly flush/refill.

I just stripped down my 900d build and cleaned the cpu block and the Hydro xg7 block and they were fine.

When i tap on my sons soft tubing you can see some flakes breaking away and go through the loop and around the res.

This is going to be a major clean and install, good time to set his up with hard tubing.

Have other guys on here had issues with coolants breaking down, or brands that you have used that did not.

If i decide to sack the Ek Mystic fog off and use pure distilled water instead, what do i need to put in the loop along with the water please.

Thank you201871878_20210831_1145151.thumb.jpg.71ca7972e3dd91141f1ce5e6849d1b3a.jpg


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i have never seen a clear coolant break down personally. Been using EK clear since i started watercooling, on soft tubing, hard tubing, all brands of radiators without issues.

the coolant just doesn't form solids, they come from somewhere else, maybe plasticizer depending on what soft tubing that is, or slow decomposition of flux residue in the rads

Someone else posted photos of waterblocks gunked with corsair coolant a few days ago ,but again, it's very unlikely the coolant is to blame.


Still.. about the mystic fog or any opaque coolant, they will make some deposition in certain areas after a few days, in fittings, in the rads... before going with opaque, remember that you'll never be able to get perfectly clear fluid anymore in that loop afterwards, no matter how much you flush.

I tried some white coolant almost 2 years ago, i still get leftover in the loop at each flush 🙂

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Someone else posted photos of waterblocks gunked with corsair coolant a few days ago...I saw that too, that is when i just happened to look at my sons loop when i noticed it.

His rads are Ek coolstreams and were flushed with hot water numerous times when opened.I did check it a couple of months ago and noticed his soft tubing was not clear anymore but did not see the flakes coating the tubeing until i flicked  it in the area in the pic.

His tubing is XSPC FLX 19/13.

Can not get to strip his down for a deep clean and hard tube change yet as im on with mine.

As above ..if i use distilled water, what other protection do i put in that is in premixed coolants.

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You need an anti-growth and an anti-corrosion inhibitor.  Different companies sell these in various forms.  I am going to PM you what I started using after a similar incident.  


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This doesn't answer your question, but while we're talking about coolants, this half-scammy new entry is fascinating.  Love to see whether it too will clog stuff up over time, or eat away at metals or something else horrible, because it's gloriously disturbing looking.


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