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Corsair LL fan setup plus extra bits needed if any.


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Hi guys.

Just getting my final bits n bobs in for my build, but could do with some help please.

I have 2x commander pros

6x corsair rgb hubs

5x corsair light nodes 

1x Deep Cool 10 port pwm hub

22 corsair LL fans 

2X 10 pack pwm extenders 

2x 10 pack pwm twin spitters

2x Alphacool Nexxxos 360mm ut45 v2 front of case and 1x Alphacool Nexxxos ut45 420mm top.

What would be the best way you guys have used to shrink the hardware down to connect all the fans with the above stuff listed (bought some coloured stickers like other guys on here have done, to map out the fans).

Number of pwm hubs /  corsair rgb spitters or how many fans per port at a time i can use.

Any help you could offer to simplify this would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

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