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Corsair 1000D/2080 super pcie-3.0 riser cable length please


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Hi chaps.

Would app some help please on the correct length of pcie-3.0 riser cable length to get for the the corsair 1000d case that some of you guys have used on the 1000d location below.

This would fit to the standoffs on the power supply shroud/vertical g/card x2 slot section(as i need the other horizontal slot for my Asus 10gb fibre card) .This would be on the ROG Crosshair VIII Formula AMD X570 board.

As the Evga 2080 super card is fitted with the corsair hydro xg7 water block ,how would i go about or the best way to get into the bios and change it to pcie-3.0 setting from standard auto.

Would this not detect the pcie-3 cable and change it ,as its going to be custom loop if it does not post will i then have to drain the loop, or do i buy a cheap £70 g/card to get into bios and set it manually before refitting the 2080 super and riser cable.

I was going to get a pcie-4.0 linkup cable and hoped it would drop down auto to the 3.0 setting to save me some cash as a future upgrade but note sure if it would work.

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you


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the BIOS menus are all described in the motherboard manual. you can find there where the setting is to set PCIE to 3.0 manually.

That said there's no need to change any setting. the 2080 is a PCIE3 card, so the motherboard will automatically be set to PCIE3, even if you have a PCIE4 riser cable.

If you later get a PCIE4 GPU, you may need to set the motherboard manually to 3.0 if it gives you VGA errors on boot using a riser. but for now, there's no need. it should work just fine.

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Thank you LeDoyen for your quick response.

So if i buy a Linkup pcie-4.0 cable (best ones known to work properly) do you think it would post to bios, as i read somewhere if you use a pcie-3.0 riser on a pcie-4.0 board you get a black screen and can not get to bios screen to change it,or is it rubbish.

I just do not want to buy 3.0 cable then a gen 4.0 after xmas it is a waste.

I do not want to get it set up and it not be able to get into bios and then have to strip it all down. 

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the post issues with PCIE4 boards is when using a PCIE4 GPU and a riser. the motherboard detects a PCIE4 card and boots like that, but the riser being thrash for signal integrity it creates problems.. so people have to manually set the motherboard to PCIE3 to have slower, more reliable communication.


In your case, the PC will boot in PCIE3 already because it's a 2080, so you shouldn't have any issues.

Just make sure the contacts are clean on the riser and the GPU 🙂 when i used risers it wasn't rare to boot in 8x mode instead of 16 because a trace had a slight fingerprint.

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Thank you for that LeDoyen.

My son in law says Linkup pcie-4.0 riser cables are the best ,he has one running at full speed on his x570 / nvidia gtx 3090for his Ms flight sim game.

I will ask him to get me a 270-300MM Linkup pcie-4.0 riser cable ,and cross my fingers my 2080 super is detected and set to pcie-3.0 on the x570 rog crosshair formula board.

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