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Excited about C1 with upcoming Alder Laker CPU's!

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So you guys know I've been around since the beginning of the C1 under the name ZGUY85.  Not sure what it shows now with new forum changes.

I am super excited and finally going to make the jump from the OG C1 with the 7700K and 1080GTX to the New C1 coming with Alder Lake.

I have updated the OG with a 750W Power Supply upgraded RAM and most impressively, a 3070RTX. But, I'm, itching for that new model about to come out.

Corsair Devs!, Dustin!, anyone.  Any tip as to when it will be released.  I want to be your first customer!  Love you guys.

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Hey zguy85. Good to see you're still around. Yeah I'm excited too! Though I just want to know if the new models will make it down under. The current a200 and i200 with the RTX 3080 have not made their way here yet. Oh well, here's hoping the Alder Lake models come. I may pull the trigger but we'll see. Otherwise, I might just upgrade my current OG Corsair ONE with Alder Lake hardware since I'm also rocking a RTX 3070. 😎

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Hey Echo!   Yea thought about that also... would be way more cost effective to just keep the case and update the mobo, processor, and ram for sure.  I guess I'm just looking for something new and shiny.  Maybee updated locations for plug and play/updated USB.

I hope they focus more on performance cooling, looked like last couple series models especially those with Ryzen 5900+ where running way to hot 🔥 for my liking. 

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