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Accidentally ordered a QWERTZ K100

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As the title says, really, so my K95 Platinum XT broke due to water damage, well beer, but still. So I ordered a K100 OPX from German Amazon not knowing that QWERTZ was a thing, so my question is will this board function as a QWERTY if settings are changed or am I better off returning it and buying a native QWERTY board?
Also if it does work will the K95 caps work on the K100?

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Hi Shinnieshan,


You can manually change your keyboard's layout setting in Windows, but for ease of use, your best bet is going to be to trade it for the QWERTY version. 

The K95 caps will work on the K100, except for the bottom row. 

Please let us know if you have absolutely any other questions or concerns.

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