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Bad ram?


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hi, having some issues with my new build. Around a week ago my pc randomly rebooted to a black screen and i had to force reboot. Same thing happend a week later while on minecraft. The third time i had a hard time getting pc to boot up and it would go to a black screen and all my rgb would flash. When pc finally booted up one of the rams sticks rgb is off and to get the rgb to enable i would have to do a force firmware update in the icue software. I have the Dominator Platinum 16GB 3600Mhz. Sometimes i noticed the ram dont get detected in the icue software until a reboot. I Built the pc around 2 months ago and it was fine untill around 2 weeks ago.

My hardware info:
Asus x570-E Motherboard

Corsair RM850x PSU
Corsair RGB Dominator Platinum 3600mhz

Corsair 5000D Airflow

6x Corsair QL Fans

Samsung 980 pro M.2

Corsair H100i elite cappelex AIO

Ryzen 5 5600x Processor

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Just enabled D.O.C.P in bios and it made some voltage changes, hopefully that was the issue. When set to auto in bios ram speed gets set to 2133mhz, so hopefully setting docp and ram freq was the problem. Because the reboot only happened once a week week only time will tell if its fixed or not.


EDIT: nevermind as i sent this post my pc shutoff again and had to force reboot.

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22 hours ago, Sean_xD said:

nevermind as i sent this post my pc shutoff again

If your PC is doing an unexpected hard shutdown, it's probably not RAM related.  RAM errors may cause blue screens, program crashes, and an eventual restart of the OS, but when the power is turned off it is for a reason.  Usually that is a safety feature of the PSU or MB detecting a power problem.  Unfortunately, it's not so easy to narrow down the source.


RAM RGB lighting and it's intractability in CUE are not related to its function in the system.  It's possible to have a bad module that causes problem with both function and RGB, but this still should not result in hard shutdown.  The DOCP is the overclocking preset for the RAM.  Increasing frequency is not likely to help any RAM instability, but I am not sure that's the issue here.  

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hi thanks for the reply. I ended up updating the motherboards bios and so far no crashes with DOCP enabled. It has only ever happened 3 times and it could be a day later or a week later. I ran memory tests and they passed all my temps are normal around 30-40c. If it happens again then i have no clue. Will post back if it happens again.

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