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iCUE freezing my system randomly


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Hi, topic related to this:



Can't reply these so making a new post. So recently I got a new AIO from NZXT so I have been more actively checking system temps. etc, and ever since I'm having these weird lockups. They can happen after hours or days, while watching youtube or idle while I sleep. Symptoms are the same, if while using it, it seems to start having glitches with the graphics, like the video stops as if there was a network issue, mouse cursor moves but windows don't "refresh", like I can open task manager and scroll through the list of processes but the % and numbers don't update and after a while nothing else responds anymore. If it happens while I'm away, the monitor is off and won't come back up. I can browse my shared folders remotely from another pc or phone so it's not completely frozen.

Tried another set of RAM and a different GPU (used DDU), same thing. After a while I noticed it didn't happen if I had iCUE just sitting in the tray, while I normally had it up with a few panels in the monitoring Dashboard.

So I just stumbled upon that reddit post from over 3 years ago.. which led me to this forum. Can't believe it's mid 2021 and this is still an issue.

Corsair Scimitar
Asus GTX 1070/660

Other monitoring apps running:
- CoreTemp
- Asus GPU Tweak II

However I've had these installed all along for years and everything was ok.



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