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One day I noticed my case fans were running faster than they should for the work load I was running, Opened Task Manager and seen Corsair ICUE using 9% CPU (75c temps) so I followed Corsairs instructions and reinstalled the software which was fine for a short time then it started doing the same thing.

First thing I did was open Task Manager then clicked on the drop down arrow for ICUE and could see that (Corsair ICUE component) was using almost all of the 9% CPU usage, so I ended Task just to see what would happen on just ICUE component and hay presto CPU usage dropped and temps normalized.

There are multiple ICUE components how do I stop this one from loading at start-up?

What I found really interesting is that ICUE works completely normal with this closed so what the hell is it doing???? bearing in mind I have a Ryzen 7 5800X

If you haven't experienced this and think I'm making it up I will send you a video instead like I did with Corsair and had no response.

ICUE completely closed.jpg

High CPU and High Temp.jpg

close ICUE componet.jpg

with ICUE component closed.jpg

with that closed ICUE works.jpg

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