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Is it possible to set individual colors for the SP120 RGB Elite that comes with the 4000X?

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As you know 4000X comes with Lighting Node Core + 3x SP120 RGB Elite's, I added a 4th fan as an exhaust (white version of the same fans) however I couldn't manage to create the desired theme because I cannot set individual colors for the fans. At the bare minimum, I want to set a different color for the whole led stack for each fan but it'll be much better if it allows me to set individual colors per led basis. Right now I can choose a predefined setting for the whole fans with different colors but I can't do a manual color setup for each fan.

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What version of CUE are you using?  In CUE 4 there are "quick button" Fan 1, Fan 2, Fan 3, All type selectors.  In CUE 3 you need to do it manually.  When you add a new effect it will automatically apply itself to all of the fans.   The trick is to use CTRL + Left click drag to box individual fans/LEDs.  This works for adding or removing an effect from a specific area.  If you just plain left click anywhere in the field, all LEDs will be removed.  This works in CUE 4 as well.


For individual LEDs, you will need to CTRL + Left click one at a time to set this up.  So if you were doing multiple gradients or single colors, you create the effect and then apply it to LEDs 1-2 on each of the 4 fans.  Then move to the next color and repeat. 


Screenshot (111).png

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Yes, you can. You have control over each individual LED. You have to do this by applying effects selectively to each LED (or fan). Go to your Lighting Channel and add the different layer effects. For each layer, drag over or click each LED you want. Press the CTRL key down while doing so to add to the selected LEDs rather than clearing the selection out.

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