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ML140 Pro RGB 8 LED varients

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Heyo, was just wondering when the 8 LED variants of the ML140 Pro RGB (the ones that come with the newer AIO coolers) will be released to buy? I've just got a 5000X case and would love to whack some in there with it, but only the 4 LED variants are available?

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A lot of people have asked about this and it seems like a no brainer to release the ML-Elite (8 LED) as a standalone product.  However, this has not happened yet and Corsair don't tip their hand about the future releases.  At this moment, the 8 LED SP-Elite (PWM) is a RGB match and so is the older DC motor SP-Pro (8 LED).  Would make sense to get an updated ML version out there.  It has a hard time standing next to all the 8/16/34 LED versions.  

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