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CORSAIR iCUE v3.38.61 patch notes


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Using the link here you can see the latest ICUE patch notes listed.  The latest patch notes available for iCUE are for version 3.37.140 instead. Since v3.38.61 has been posted for download several months now I was surprised to find NO patch notes for v3.38.61.  Granted it is an incremental update so the list is likely very short, but I still want to review them before updating.

I cannot move to v4 of iCUE as I use a Corsair H110i GT AIO solution and support for that was dropped in v4.

iCUE Patch Notes – Corsair

Appreciate any information on where to find those patch notes. I am running v3.37.140 at this time. I've had iCUE upgrades wipe out my fan speed cooling curves in the past so I'm gun shy about installing any iCUE software patches without patch notes.  🙂




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