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Carbide 100R drive bay issue

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I would like to report one issue that I am having with the HDD drive bays of a Carbide 100R tower and understand if it is a problem with my product or I should do something different.

Issue: the 3.5 HDD adapters don't fit well to the case and the disks always fall on top of each other.

If aligned very well and inserted with care they to fit, but even under soft transportation movements the disks fall on top of each other (and if on this would be very damaging).

I took some measurements and apparently the dimension of the trays are not correct for the case (trays too small for the cabinet). There is around ~1mm of tray support on each side. It is the same for all 4 trays and bays, so not an exception of a single one.

How should I fix this?

Also, the manual picture indicates some sort of 'extendable tray' that could be pulled out. Mine is completely fixed. Maybe a generic/new part was supplied instead of the standard one?


Thank you,











Screenshot from 2021-08-28 22-04-17.png

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