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Use Commander Core without AIO?


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Can I use the Commander Core standalone, without plugging in the AIO pump? Basically use it like a Commander Pro? I like the idea of a single box for both RGB & PWM, without having to daisy chain RGB Fan Hubs (which also seem to lack some functionality specifically with Hardware Lighting presets, i.e., Rainbow Wave doesn't work the same). I know this would normally be an expensive proposition because the Core only comes with an AIO, but just curious.

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Yes, instead of showing up in CUE with the AIO Pump picture, it will display like a Commander Pro showing the controller.  Everything else works the same.  6 PWM headers.  6 RGB headers.  Too bad only 1 temp sensor, but then you may not need it.  


You might have to tell us more about what your looking for in the Hardware Lighting set-up.  Using it or any other controller won't change the end result.  The HW lighting is 1 set programming for each effect, so different fan types with different LED counts look different under the same effect.  Some things like Rainbow Wave are nothing like their software version.  No cure for that presently.  

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