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256x2 XMS 3200C2 causing MAJOR problems when running Windows XP setup...

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I have been using 2 256 sticks of 3200C2 XMS memory for over 2 years now with several different motherboards. I just downgraded (don't ask) to an Asus A7V600-X and could get Windows to complete the install process. I kept getting an iteration of the BSOD that I'd never seen before. I tried every possible memory timing setting, using only only one stick, changing vid cards etc etc with no luck. I finally borrowed a stick of Micron 256 PC2700 ram and what do you the know, the install of WinXP went off without a hitch. So what does this mean for my EXPENSIVE (at least when I purchased them) XMS sticks? Does it mean I can't use them with this MOBO? I realize this MOBO is a little dated now, but can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm hoping that they didn't just suddenly crap out on me after all this time...
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