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Several questions on iCue interface


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I have spent the better part of a whole day trying to get the latest iCue 4 working on my Windows 10 PC. Almost got it to a useable state. Just a few issues that I'm hoping you guys can help with;

  1. iCue won't start in Dashboard. How do I make it start there every time?
  2. When I open iCue after starting my system it doesn't remember the size/dimensions of the window. How do I make it remember? I have to resize it every time I open it so I can see all the panels in the dashboard.
  3. When I set certain widgets in specific positions on various panels, after a restart the placements are lost and they revert to their default placement. How do I keep each widget exactly where I place it?
  4. Is it possible to combine all HDD/SSD into one panel? I have 3xSSD and 1xHDD and they take up an enormous amount of space on the dashboard. IMHO, it would make more sense to combine them. Is that possible?
  5. iCue takes 12 seconds to start after my PC is booted. The H115i takes and additional 4 seconds to be detected and plays the "Device connected" sound when it is finally detected. Is there any way to reduce the start up time and not have this sound played every time I boot my PC? I know I can simply disable the sound, but it is useful for other things, so I don't want to globally disable it.
  6. Under privacy in HKLM\Software\Corsair\Corsair Utility Engine\Privacy there is a value called DataUsageEnabled. It is set to true. I've set it to false, as I assume that having it set to true sends some telemetry back to Corsair?
  7. When iCue is initially run it starts 24 processes. That's insane. I managed to get it down to 6, but that's still high. There is one service called MSI helper or something like that. I looked at the log file and it said the MSI software was not detected so I've disabled the service. As a suggestion, wouldn't it make sense for the developers to disable the service themselves if the software is not found?
  8. iCue 3 was using 3-7% CPU at all times. iCue 4 uses 2% all of the time. I've noticed that makes the PC run hotter than using CLink with the same system. Is there anyway to reduce the CPU usage down to what CLink uses (Between 0% - 0.5%)? I've turned off things like debugging, logging, plugins etc.
  9. Observation: The software when installed is 2.2GB. Compared to CLink which is 55MB. Wow!
  10. I am not interested in fluff like RGB or lighting, or scenes or pretty pictures/backgrounds. They do nothing for performance. I've deleted all the default scenes from the software. Now there is this huge empty space with Sensors down below. Is there any way to switch them, or if the Scenes section empty to be able to collapse it somehow?
  11. Why does the pump look like it's stopping and starting all the time? Is this expected behavior? In CLink it's a smooth line

Thanks for any and all help.





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I can do some of these...


1) There is no way to make CUE start on the dashboard.  Others have asked for this as well.  See #2

2) No, it does not remember window position or size.  We all thought this was an early release consequence and it would get sorted.  We're at 6 months.  It needs to be addressed.

3) This is a known issue as well.  The Commander Pro is most common device affected, but there might be one or two others.  It's going to shuffle the deck every time.  1, 2, 3 and need to be fixed soon.

4) No, it's not possible to combine them.  The increased used space then compounds with the problem in #2 where you need to re-size the app each launch and the devices move around as you do.  I am keeping mine off at present because of this. 

5) That is about the same load time for everyone.  I can't speak to how long it should take, but detection of USB devices after the program loads is an essential part of what it's doing.  I typically don't turn on my sound until after Windows loads and I am sitting down.  Aside from that, maybe there is a way to mute CUE system through Powershell or similar, but I have not seen it.

6) That is my understanding.  Firmware versions, software version, etc., but I can't offer an official response to that. 


9) Very different programs.  Link needed to account for a handful of devices.  CUE 4 has a massive list.  Gaming RGB lighting profiles are a large part of the bulk.  Some people have no need for this.  Others are incensed Corsair does not do all their set-up and lighting for them.  You can't make every one happy.  The wind seems to blowing toward the all inclusive design at the moment.  

10) I think the profiles vs side bar space is something that could be optimized in the future.  At present, there isn't a way to customize it beyond selecting specific scenes or choosing your monitored values.

11) This is a 2 part issue and largely unique to the Pro series coolers.  First, unlike a lot of the other models the Pro series polls every 2 seconds, then takes that raw revolution value and rounds it prior to multiplying it out by 30 to create the customary revolutions per minute value.  The pre-multiplication rounding guarantees the value is always in a multiple of 30.  2130, 2160, 2190, etc.  This came up a lot when the pump first came out, but of course all monitoring values are estimates based on a short interval and there is no difference between 2137/2130/2128, etc.  This then is amplified by the way the range on the graphs in CUE 3/4 is displayed.  The range auto-adjusts to show maximum detail, but in this case the detail is irrelevant.  So as your pump completes 71.45 to 71.55 revolutions per 2 seconds, the rounded and multiplied value will oscillate between 2130 and 2160.  The real variance is extremely small for a high speed device.  However, the 2130 to 2160 graph becomes mountainous because the min/max range is so small (30 rpm).  Oddly, this is a sign your pump precision is fairly tight.  When it jumps over a much larger range and the line less see-saw in appearance, you actually have more variance.  Just an oddity of these two things combined.  

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As always, thanks for your assistance. I know that is a lot of issues, and I culled a lot when I posted. There are more.

I recall testing iCue at least 3 , possible 4 years ago. I'm sure there are posts here about it. Some of these issues have been around for years. If Corsair are not going to fix them in 3-4 years then I guess they are never going to fix them. And that would explain why some people are completely "incensed" if I may use your word.

The CPU panel actually keeps it's widget placement. So this must be fixable for other panels.

I'm a strong believer in componentization (Did I just make a up a new word?). During install, detect the devices that are installed. Don't install drivers/software/functions for devices that are not installed. Also, offer users the option to select what components they install. For example, I'm not a big gamer, and even if I was, I wouldn't use the Corsair plugins. I deleted them and got back >800Mb.

The software is also designed as "everything on" defaults. Much like what Microsoft does. I was able to disable 60+ services on Windows without impacting what I need to use Windows for. I was able to remove all bloatware, and most system apps. As you say the "we want to be everything to everyone" mentality has taken root. In the end you end up being nothing to nobody.

I will shelve iCue again. It's not a usable product at this stage.

As it turns out, it appears that Corsair are going to refuse to honor the warranty for my cooler because I do not own a cell phone. I lost my job when this "crap" started and I had to cut costs. I think there are literally hundreds of millions people who have lost their jobs, or at least on reduced income. As such I had to cut costs, and while the Australian Law does not require the ownership of a cell phone for Warranty Corsair appear to be saying that it does.

This is the second time a warranty has been refused by Corsair because someone doesn't own a cell phone that I know of. So - my options have been decided for me.

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How do you get iCue to use so much CPU? I'm watching task manager and iCue won't go over 0.3%

Actually, if I grab its window and wiggle it around, it will go up to 0.5% but that's the max.

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You can add the sensors you are most interested in to the home page so you don't need to switch to the dashboard view. Although the giant picture of the commander pro on the home page is a bizarre waste of space. Perhaps the marketing team is the internal customer for this instead of the engineering team.

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Sitting on idle not touching the PC at all, with iCue and nothing else running it's sitting on 3% with the occasional dip to 2%. Every now and then it'll drop to 1%. But never lower than that. That's iCue v4.

If I install iCue 3 it fluctuates between 3% and 7%. So maybe Corsair did something between versions to improve it, but I wouldn't go so far as to credit them with that.

I've disabled everything I can find. Except the HDD/SSD widgets. I turned it off to see if that helped but it didn't.

I was considering turning that off because it's just way to much screen space. My server has a total of 12 Drives. Imagine how much screen real estate I'd need for that 🙂

Then I figured, if I am going to turn that off, why not just turn everything off... And if I'm going to that, why bother even installing iCue.. It's 2.2gb and the best I can get is down to 6 processes. It runs 24 by default.

With the exception of the HDD/SSD widgets everything you see on the screen is what I want to see... temps and fan speeds. I've already turned off the RAM widget.

Agree, the pictures of the devices could/should just be thumbnails. The massive images are insane.

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