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Faulty leds in LL120 co-9050072-ww & co-9050071 (flicker?)

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On almost all the controllers the LEDs work in series, so a bad LED early in the chain will typically cause 1) everything after to go dark or 2) irritating flicker.  If you are experiencing this, try each fan one at a time in the #1 slot on the RGB Lighting Hub to isolate the bad one.  When the chain goes dark, it's pretty easy to pick the right one to start with.   Flicker can be harder to pinpoint.  Series circuit rules are still in place, so if you pull the #2 fan, 3-6 should go out and only #1 will light up.


xx71 is the single LL120 black fan package.  xx72 is the 3 pack of black LL120.  These are identical and can be used in any order or configuration.  The only difference is the 3 pack includes a Lighting Node Pro RGB controller and another RGB Lighting Hub for 5v power.  With a Commander Pro + RGB Hub already, you won't use the additional hardware.  However, if the price difference is close between 3 singles and the triple pack, always get the triple.  The extra hardware is often of use later down the line or as an immediate quick fix replacement.  

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Not quite my area, but there are others who do more with this.  However, if the product is new and under warranty, I suggest replacement rather than repair -- especially for the fans.  

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