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Rad size Corsair 1000D


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Could any body offer some clarity in rad size and thickness in the Corsair 1000d please.

I can not use my alphacool rads as they are 60mm thick.

The top rail is 420mm but is poorly designed because if i put 2 480x40mm rads at the front, then the 420 can not fit in Alphacool or Ek coolstream.

So will i have to put the 4 x 120mm fan tray i have bought and then use a 360x40mm rad and use the spare hole for a fan.

If so it would mean i have to sell the 6 x 140 ll fans i bought, seems to be a design flaw with the case.


Any ideas guys.

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not specific to the  1000D, but i usually consider thick rads are good for cases that can't accomodate many radiators, to get a slight bump in efficiency by using only one, fat rad with high static pressure fans.

With the 1000D, you can fit so many radiators you could go with 30mm ones, maybe crossflow to gain some flowrate and make tubing routing easier.

On the 1000D page it looks like the showcased build uses a 360mm rad on top.

Can't blame you for being stuck, again, corsair has only symbolic info about the case that i refuse to call "documentation" 🙂


Maybe have a look at this post or ask there. 

 An obvious solution would be to forfeit the push / pull configuration, but i wouldn't do that with LL fans

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Thank you LeDoyen for your quick response.

Why have a 420 rad tray up top on release of the case if it will not sit above the top of the 480mm front rads ,or will 30mm 420 fit with just push .

The wired thing is, i took the top 420 tray out and flipped it the other way a slotted it back in.

you could put a fan above the tray that filled the void and allowed the fan to sit further up towards the roof that the design team should have done and it still slid out then in again, but the other side of the tray is not flat and each hole stands proud about 2-3mm so the rad can not fix there,i don’t think.

so i might have to fit the single 480 tray up there and a 40mm 360 rad.

what are cross flow rads ?.


I hope that some forum members see  this post and offer some advice or if they have managed putting the 420 rad up top.



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There are always going to be limitations somewhere.  You can't use 560mm radiators either.  Generally speaking you usually run into trouble when mixing wider 140 based radiators and long 120 based models and you have really thick stacks to accommodate.  I am not sure how much that top radiator even helps with the front two exhausting into it and 2x480x60mm push pull should pretty much cover it unless you had plans to isolate the top radiator in its own loop for a specific piece of hardware.  You're going to have to give up something.  It would make sense to compromise on the top radiator that is less effective than either of the front intake 480s.  


Most radiators use a U-flow design, entering on one end of the radiator, running the length of frame before returning back to the same end as the inlet.  Cross-flow radiators flow in one corner, cover the length of the radiator in one pass, then exit out the opposite corner.  Typically the one pass is slightly less effective than U-shape, but it can be useful for tube routing where the 'in one end and out the other' provides an advantage.  

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