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Virtuoso SE: How to adjust chat volume?

Nun Soup

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Hi there!

When I'm playing a PC game and chatting with friends through my headset, my team's voices get drowned out by any onscreen action -- gunshots, in-game dialog, etc. I literally can't hear what they're saying. But when there's no action on screen, I can hear them just fine.

Is there a way to adjust chat volume separately from game volume? Maybe some feature in iCUE or Windows 10?

The Details

  • Headset is Virtuoso SE
  • I have the latest headset firmware installed.
  • I use Xbox Gamebar on PC to do party chat with my friends.
  • OS: Windows 10

My other headset I use for console gaming has two volume adjustments, one for chat and one for game volume. But my Virtuoso doesn't have that. Attached is a screenshot of my iCUE settings, but I don't see an option in iCUE to adjust or equalize chat volume and game volume.

Is there something I'm missing?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Volume mixer in windows 10, also discord has the voice attenuation thingy, idk if xbox has it

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As the Virtuoso does not have a chat mix feature (it's only connected as one output device and not two for separate sources), you can only do the most obvious thing and reduce your game/software volume (either through windows volume mixer or within the game / software itself) so that your Discord sound is always louder than the game, or use the ducking feature in Discord, where Discord will reduce the volume of all other sources than Discord as long as someone in your Channel is talking (or while you are talking).

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