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Back to the drawing board Corsair 1000D


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Well what a waste of a week.

Bought the Corsair 1000D For £240 instead of £480 online (local guy had bought it but changed his mind and put it up on ebay).

I snapped it up at that price it was brand new (still had all the plastic on it ), he had only had it for a few days but could not send it back as he had thrown the box.

The issue is.. i have stripped down my beloved Corsair 900D build and i am selling 90 percent of the parts on ebay inc the 900d as its still in as new condition boxed.

So i have an Alphacool Nexxxos 480 ut60 rad and a Alphacool Nexxxos 360 ut60 rad from the 900d build, plus 21 new Corsair LL120/140 fans plus the Ek Quantum Kinetic FLT 360mm res( flat). Maximus xi x570 croshair board and Amd 5900x for the new build.

I looked at the specs of the 1000D and it states 420 at the top and 480s at the front.

So silly me had to order a 420mm Nexxxos ut 60 to match the rail at the top, when it arrived as the pics below show..(.IT DOES NOT FIT Corsair) the top rad covers the front rads fittings.

Even if i changed the top 420 rad to 30mm thick it still will block the fittings.

Then i checked Corsair George promo for the 1000D and i find that he has used a 360mm rad up top to create distance from the front rad. So why inc a 420 rail at the top if it will not fit or clash with front rad.

I have ordered a 4 x  120mm rail for the top, but again will have problems with the 360mm ut60 push pull as it will hit the res as it it is 360mm high not inc its ek loop bracket.


So guys what do i d ??


Do i sell my 480 ut60 and the 360 ut 60 from my 900d build and send the 420 ut60 back to Aquatuning, then buy 2 x 30mm 480s front and a 420 30mm or 360 30mm rad for the top.

I do not want to get rid of the Ek Quantum Kinetic flt 360mm res as it looks better than its 300mm cylinder ver. 

I can not believe Corsair did not make the hd cage removable (its the most common thing on cases now). I know about drilling rivets out, but i should not have to.

Just inc a couple of pics below of my sons corsair Build in a Thermaltake view 71 rgb with a Corsair 360 60mm front rad and a top 420 45mm rad (no trouble there),

And my previous 900d build  using the Nexxxos 60mm thick rads.

So why is this case so lg but has issues with rad size/thickness/layout.


I could really do with some advice and help in this matter so i can finally start my hard line build.








Sons Corsair build.jpg

900d build.jpg

900d build2.jpg

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Hey bud.. I have 2 x 55m 360s's up top (fittings towards rear of the case) and 2x 55mm 480's in the front (fittings at bottom). i would also advise splitting the loop if using 4 large cap rads like i have.





its all soft tubed in the back 😉 .. hope this helps with your quest?

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Nice  build Zotty.

Im having so many issues with this case,so was thinking 2 x 40 or 30mm 480s front and would a 30mm 420 fit in thr roof or is it a def 360 40mm in the roof (why inc a 420 rail if it will not fit) ,so much room in front of rad tray top and bottom if you flip them over and put back in but the raised holes stop rad fitment,should have been smooth,then you could gain another 25mm.

Ive 6 ll 140 fans that i prob can not fit because corsair did not think the top tray out properly and will prob have to buy another 6 x 120s for the 360 in the new tray i have bought.

Will prob be only running 1 d5 on the ek quantum flt 360 res ,sits nice on the h/drive tray. 

Could i ask Zotty, what length gen 3/4 riser cable did you use please  angle or straight and did it attatch to the standoffs on the power supply shroud,i Does it fit in the double vertical slots that are on their own, i have a 2080 super evga with the corsair xg7 block.

Would app any info you could give.

Jesus the 900d was so easy to build in .

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Was also thinking about putting the existing 360 60 rad at the front and but another to match, then use the 420 60 rad that i bought from alphacool at the top so not to waste the 6 140 ll fans , also its a pain to send it back to aqua tuning in germany.

Or try 2 x 480 28mm ek coolstreams at the front and their 420 28mm at the top with just 3 fans on push,do you thing that would clear the clash point in the upper right corner where they meet.


What do you thing Zotty

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I installed two 480 rads and one 420 rad and it fit just barely. I have push and pull on the 480s and just push on the 420. My loop starts from pump/ reservoir to dual RTX 2080ti’s then to cpu out to 420 rad then to 480 rads, finally back to pump/reservoir. When playing games my temps average between 40 and 50c on both video cards and cpu.

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