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Virtuoso RGB SE audio sample rate


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Hi, so I noticed when plugging in my Virtuoso SE headset via USB-A to C with the voice prompts enabled. You will typically get a beep and then something like "charge complete" or "mic on, mic feedback on". Now when I plug it in i get like only part of the prompt and it cuts out and they go away entirely. Like if I were to change the surround you'd get "surround off". So I do what the unresponsive headset article says. Switch to wired mode(which its already in) unplug the headset, then unplug the USB wireless dongle, and replug the dongle back in then the headset. And I get my prompts back and its all fine. Til the other day I noticed in my windows audio format settings that the sample rate was set to 8 channel 24bit 96000hz. If this is correct then great, but I don't think it is. As when I change it to the option below being 2 channel 24bit 96000hz(studio quality), the 8 channel option disappears from the drop down. And when I click to apply the 2 channel 24bit 96000hz option. If I unplug the headset and plug it back in, it defaults back to the 8 channel choice. This all happened using iCue 4 so I tried switching back to the last version of iCue 3. The voice prompt issue went away with the rollback, but the sample rate issue is still going on. 

corsair support.PNG

2 channel.PNG

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