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How to wire my fans?


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Hello! I am building a new rig, and I chose the iCUE 5000X RGB as my case. Along with that, I also will get a H150i Elite Capellix AIO, 2x LL120 RGB Triple Pack and another single LL120 RGB for the back of the case. I also have another 2 Lian Li Strimer cables I would like to have connected.

As it stands, this is the RGB related hardware I will have available when I purchase everything:

1x Commander Core (from the AIO)

2x Lighting Node Pro (from the LL120 packs)

1x Lighting Node Core (from the case)

1x H150i Elite Capellix

3x ML120 RGB (from the AIO)

7x LL120 RGB

2x Lian Li Strimmer cables


I am a bit overwhelmed with the differences between the different controllers/hubs/commanders, and have no clue how to wire this up. Can someone help me?


If it helps, this is my motherboard: Asus Prime X570-PRO

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You have a total of 7 LL fans ... are you going to use the fans that come with the case at all? It sounds like no. Assuming that ...

1) Get a powered internal USB hub. You'll need it.

2) For RGB, you'll want to do the following:

   a) Connect the ML120 RGB to the Commander Core. You can connect the case fans here as well, if you are using them.

   b) Seven LL fans won't go on a single hub. So ... you'll need to use 2 of the Fan Hubs and 1 Lighting Node Pro. Each fan hub will go on a separate channel on the fan hub.

   c) That leaves the Strimer Plus cables. You'll need a 3rd party adapter for these. With the Strimer Plus, you'll need to use the controller that ships with the ATX extension. If you have the 2xPCIe Strimer Plus, that will connect to the same controller. If it's the 3xPCIe Strimer Plus, it's controller will connect to the controller from the ATX Strimer Plus (daisy-chain). Now ... you can connect this to one of the fan hubs. You'd add 2 additional fans in iCUE on that channel and that would control the Strimers ... but some effects may be odd. Or you can use the additional Lighting Node Pro and connect the Strimer Plus to that. Then you'd configure it as 3 RGB Strips and control would be better.

3) For PWM, you can use 2x splitters on the Commander Core. But you'd probably be better using a SATA-powered PWM hub and putting a block of fans on that - they'll all be the same speed and controlled from one port on the Commander Core.



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are you going to use the fans that come with the case at all?

No, two types of fans are already enough complication.


I did some research on the things you mentioned. Are these what you mean?

I also drew the attached schematic, just to make sure I understood correctly your explanation. 

Thanks a lot!

fans (3).jpg

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The diagram is correct. All of those links should work but I'm not personally familiar with the EZ DIY Fab adapters.


Also, of note - the case fans will be controlled the same as the ML fans that come with the cooler; both are the 8 LED series fans. So you can put them on the Commander Core if you like.

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