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Dust-Free PC Case?


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Revolutionary thought maybe?

Airflow helps to keep components cool! But more airflow means more dust. What if we made a case that only circulates the air inside the case; turning the case into a big heat-sink. Design the case with air ducts at the top. Run the air behind the motherboard. Place heat sinks on the back panel along the air path. Send the cool air up from under the GPU and the process repeats! With all air inside the case being recycled there would be no new dust added to the system.

Then on the outside of the case have filters, fans, and heat sinks. This stuff will still get dirty, but it would be much easier to clean than all of the cables, components, nooks, and crannies that is inside the case. If this does not perform well enough, maybe try a double-radiator water-cooled system?

This case would not be a budget model, but I am certain that if it performs well enough then it would be a top-selling disruptive technology.

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