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I've started putting together a new water cooled PC, ended up going with Corsair fans and I'd like to control everything through iCue if I can. I'm realising Corsair don't make this as simple as it should be, so hoping for some pointers on how I should connect everything up. That includes:

  • 6 QL120 fans
  • 3 non-rgb PWM fans
  • 3 water blocks/distro plates with ARGB lighting

For controllers I've got the 2 hubs that came with the QL120s plus a Commander Pro.

For fan control I'll need some PWM splitters but should be able to connect all 9 fans to the CoPro. The QL120s can all connect to one of the RGB fan hubs for lighting control. With the water blocks I'll need some ARGB to Corsair adapter cables but I'm not sure what to connect them to.

  • I could use the adapter cables to connect the 3 water blocks to the spare RGB hub from the QL120s. If I do that I think iCue will treat them as fans and the lighting sequences might be a bit odd. Especially if they have to use the same configuration but have different numbers of LEDs.
  • I could use a 3 way ARGB splitter + adapter to connect them directly to the CoPro (?) but that way I lose individual control over each waterblock's lighting
  • I could get a Lighting Node Pro (?) and connect them to that, except it only has 2 LED connections so again would I need a splitter?

Is there a better way that gives me lighting control over everything?

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Even with the spare RGB hub, everything on there will be the same. And yes, iCUE will treat them as fans, which can make some lighting effects weird.

The only way to have individual control over each device - assuming that they don't daisy-chain (and most don't) - would be to have each one on a separate channel. Configuring them as strips tends to work best.

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